Hey guys .

I’m so excited about this post as it’s officially my first on this website …YAE!! I know …I’m blushing , but I am really hyped about this whole experience . But, despite all of that , I promise to not be boring… this should be fun .

Untitled design.png
     So, first of all I’d like to point out that we should  be grateful for the rain. It’s been an absolute blessing. Like finally! We have been waiting. I couldn’t be happier right now. In that same spirit , I’d like to talk about today’s post, yes!
We all know that there’s nothing  better looking than a glowing skin. While there are so many beauty routines out there,  *rolls eyes* sometimes what we wear can also be a plus.
Hence, today I decided to try a more calming yet classy look.
This can easily be worn and totally rocked at a formal and none formal event because it’s just simply easy to rock !
For those of us who go to church, it can also be added to the “church appropriate” clothes .
Skirt – Marks and Spencer
Shoes – aldo
Chiffon top – random from somewhere I don’t know lol

more pictures below…

sunday outfit
skirt- marks and Spencer               shoes- aldo                                         chiffon top – random, i have no idea lol

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