oh my days you guys!!!!!! I’m so thrilled to share today’s post, as I literally just stumbled upon it, while *stalking* this beautiful lady Maryanne Alabi  AKA mayreejay


I’ve wanted to do this for so long… she is basically too much of an inspiration, I’m overwhelmed by it!

Note, I’m always going on about how people inspire me to be the best version of me. What can i say, I’m a lover of hardworking individuals. I cannot even afford to hate.

From the bit that I know, she’s a stylist,blogger, an entrepreneur, she makes the most beautiful and easy to wear head wraps “bunnies”  (check them out here :http://www.mayreejay.com/category/bunnies/)  amongst many other fabulous things, really I could go on and on.

First time I got the opportunity of meeting her, was at my aunt’s shoot in Dolphin Estate, Lagos Nigeria. she was so much fun to work with and so so entertaining, I couldn’t stop taking mental notes.

Ever since, she has grown and established herself further by the day, as I low-key stalk and admire.

Hence today, I decided to share her latest blog post with everyone else. I  hope you all love her style as much I do.


oh yes, her hair is all hers!! it’s even nicer in person.

head over to her page for outfit details and more about her.

– Shalom

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