#ProductReview : MAC “next to nothing” -foundation & The way we Nigerians see it.

MAC’s new foundation is synonymous to “less is more”


It is easy to wear, amazingly light and gives the perfect covering. If you ever consider putting up a morning picture and tagging it “woke up like this” then this is the product you want to use, to just be safe! It is literally FLAWLESS


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Baba God o! The way this foundation is easy to apply, and feels like moisturizer, is just amazing. See eh, this is  a snapchat filter put in a bottle. Thank you Jesus!!


Now, being realistic, the whole world will be looking forward to owning this o, I tell you, I want it too. But let’s be honest my Nigerian sisters, because we are going to have to purchase ours anywhere but in Nigeria, or else we may consider spending  an arm and a leg to purchase it here. It’s been said, that the The Next to Nothing foundation goes for $31 and Pressed Powders are $27, where both come in nine different shades and will be available in-store and online on April 6, 2017. By just googling 31 dollars to Naira, it is about 10k, just so  you can have an idea.


This beauty life isn’t an easy one o.

Sha sha, on the bright side, if you do purchase one,  I’m telling you this is the foundation for ABUJA weather. The makeup gods have given us a way to go out on a sunny day, wearing supper light makeup(because it has a light feel to it) and still slay. What more could be more glorious than this.


Another plus is based on how light it comes, I bet you can also hug bae without leaving “i love you too” marks on his white agbada. You know how they be about things like this.

But basically, along with the Next to Nothing foundation, M.A.C is also dropping pressed powders that can be applied after the foundation for a lightweight, glowy finish.


I tell you, 2k17 must be great. Let the exchange rate just drop first..lol

Thank you MAC!!!


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