#ProductAlert : AGBÀRA.O by kuboye kayefi #BuyNaija2GrowNaija


AGBÀRA.O  is an original Nigerian made brand of bags and sandals.

CEO kuboye kayefi (@Cahyehfee) is an undergraduate of mechanical engineering , at Covenant University

Kuboye kayefi is passionate about reading, making new things and using her hands to work.

  • In her words, Kuboye kayefi emphasizes that the main goal of her business is to offer good quality at affordable prices and also to promote Nigerian products, which is something dear to us here at RiGA
  • KÁGBÀRE’s new bag collection is expected out by summer 2017, but for now we have two of its fan favorite available for purchase  which goes for 6500 Naira each and are available in black and orange.
  • KÁGBÀRE is presently available for nationwide purchase and delivery
  • You can reach Kuboye kayefi on  her social media

Twitter : @Cahyehfee


www.rigaonlinne.com      www.rigaonlinne.com


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