Thick Models Slaying the Runways

2017 so far, has been year of achieving whatever you want with hard work and persistence. Unlike previous fashion seasons, where a lot of emphasis were placed on models being a certain way, Fall 2017 has offered opportunities for multiple talents to shine and body size . The runways are becoming bolder and curvier.

It was a huge moment for the likes of Ashley Graham, as she cemented her status as a supermodel at Michael Kors Collection by walking with Carolyn Murphy and Joan Smalls while wearing Kors’s glamorous sportswear. 

-Prabal Gurung debuted his Lane Bryant collaboration on the shapely forms of Candice Huffine and Marquita Pring 

Even in Paris, Katy Syme and Stella Duval at H&M’s vibrant see-now-buy-now show got the opportunity to showcase their beauty, boldness and strength. 

European collections like Dolce & Gabbana gave  Alessandra Garcia-Lorido the opportunity to join the label’s army of millennials.

Here are a list of my TOP SEVEN LADIES….let me know who your favorites are  🙂

Thick models are really changing the game.     download (5)

“Ashley Graham at Michael Kors This season felt very different because for the past few years, fashion has been talking about inclusivity, but now designers are practicing what we’re preaching. We saw multiple curvy women on the runway and designers weren’t squeezing them into sample sizes, they were creating clothes in their sizes, showing curves in a beautiful way. It was very special being in the Michael Kors show, and it was not only a dream come true but a moment that I’ll never forget. Michael [Kors] has been designing extended sizes for a while, but by showcasing them on the runway, he’s showing that every woman should be represented.”

Sabina Karlsson at Chromat Walking during Fashion Week is always something I enjoy, even more so now when being in my true size. I loved seeing more diversity among the models. Diversity is now and the future.Photo: Luca Tombilini

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Alessandra Garcia-Lorido at Dolce & Gabbana The fact that 27 curvy models walked is a huge step forward for size diversity. What was also super-exciting was the casting in general and the movement toward designers showcasing diversity across the board. The casting process was definitely more inclusive, which meant us curvy girls had a chance to get our foot in the door just like any other model.Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

      download (4)

Iskra Lawrence at Christian Siriano My first year walking in New York Fashion Week, I walked in one show. I remember standing backstage at Chromat, looking around and thinking this was going to be my one shot—so I better make the most out of it and soak it all in. However, to my surprise (and delight), this year I was booked in two shows—Chromat and Christian Siriano. Looking around this year, I was so impressed to see so many different body shapes and sizes represented, as well as different races and ethnicities. I would love to see continued growth and these same improvements being reflected in other Fashion Weeks around the world as well, especially at home in the U.K.Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

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Jocelyn Corona at Christian Siriano Fashion is diversity. It’s always a continuous changing game, so there are two options: keep doing the same thing or be part of the change, and we are definitely working on it! I felt like this season the door was open to all of us and it’s time to celebrate being different. As Christian [Siriano] said, “People are people.” Christian has a different vision of fashion, and you can tell with that amazing show. He just put everything together: different cultures, looks, body types, diversity—and that’s what people like to see.Photo: Edward James /

Precious Lee at Christian Siriano Walking this year for Christian Siriano for a second season was epic. I think it’s time for all designers to make that move toward diversity not only in size but models of color. It’s 2017 and there’s no excuse. We represent such a large portion of this industry. I applaud the designers that used curvier models this season, but the amount of designers and models used to the ratio of curvier models and black models did not make me feel “included.” It did make me feel like a conversation was being started. I know that designers and casting directors are watching and I trust they will make the right decisions next season to include more diverse models. Not only because it’s right, but because it’s beautiful.Photo: Edward James /

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