#BrandReview: Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma Spring 2017 Collection & the way we Nigerians see it…

Well hello guys!

So for today’s review, I’ll be analyzing the beauty that is the  Puma X Fenty collaborations. 

I’m excited , I hope you are . 

As we are all aware,  Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty asides being amazingly gorgeous is definitely a force to be reckoned with . 

In her  music and style, she is creating a movement. 

So when she graciously gave us the “Puma X Fenty fur slides ” we were all shades of excited.  I know i was, lol


When I got my slides, I finally felt like “I was walking in her shoes” 

Yes mama, it’s that deep . I LOVE RIHANNA

Anyways, so with all my excitement and joy, I couldn’t wait to wear these slides all summer ! I know, I know , that’s how I get excited over new stuff. Especially when I’ve waited too long to have them . 

So anyways , on arriving Abuja from school, these slides were everywhere ! 

I tell you! 

In the malls, markets, churches…. 


Like everywhere I turned there was a pair of  Fenty fur slides 

And to top it off,  they were fake !

Like, I’m not sure where they make them, but they were casted . I totally felt bad for spending so much on mine and then finding out the *aba -versions* (fake) were all over town . You just couldn’t tell the difference, I was devastated.

But , since mama Robyn has decided to bless us once again with her Puma x Fenty collaboration ,  as loyalists we are grateful !  Completely grateful . 

  So basically, the new collection introduces four new styles of Fenty x Puma shoes, which include the

           “bow collection” 

  • — satin bow slides and sneakerswith satin bow laces, both available in olive green and a baby pink dubbed “silver pink” www.rigaonlinne.comwww.rigaonlinne.com
  • — plus two other pairs of lace-ups: a zip sneaker boot with a chunky platform and satin and leather overlayswww.rigaonlinne.com
  • a lace-up, stiletto-heeled sneaker.      (Everything but the stilettos are available for both men and women.) www.rigaonlinne.com                                                                                                                                                                                            Of the four, the satin bow slides seem like the pair that’s destined to be the most wanted, much like the baby pink fur slides released last spring.

Personally, my favorite so far will be the satin bow slides. When I decide to get any and “walk in mommas shoes” I’ll sure be buying the satin bow slides and if you are in Nigeria, and understanding what i mean, then you will know that when the fakes surface, it’ll probably be for the satin bow slides . 


For those wanting go get it, it’ll be available here:  http://puma.com/rihanna. starting Thursday, March 9th at 10 a.m. EST. 

My advice : save some money girl! You’ll need it for this …


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