The preferred skirt length in my Nigerian house                                                                                                   

Hello lovelies, I hope everyone is doing great . 

 First of , I’d love to thank everyone for the likes, the comments and  utter show of love . I appreciate it, RiGA appreciates it. THANK YOU we are still fresh at this, so we are truly grateful . 

For today’s post, I just really wanted to look back at growing up and how my Nigerian parents emphasized on skirt length and what was and wasn’t  appropriate. 

I don’t know if any of you have experienced it, but in every home, I think there is low-key the appropriate skirt length discussion. If you are Nigerian and don’t have this discussion at home, you probably will in Uni, if you end up in a private university. *my Nigerian sistas know what I mean *

 •Let me know what universities y’all attend. Feel free to share your thoughts •


So back to the skirt length issue, personally I have no problem with whatever length makes you happy, we cannot judge anyone based on that to be honest, as we all cannot be the same . But growing up,everyone would emphasize on how chic a girl is expected to look in a full ball skirt. It was the appropriate length for my Nigerian home and my Mountain of  Fire church.  I guess, that’s why I just love them or rather, have grown to appreciate them and be comfortable on them . 

But of course every now and then, I can style a pretty, little skirt and feel good about it too .







outfit Details :  crop top –  Atmosphere (similar here)

ball skirt – RiGA (an original production by me)

sandals – sole Diva (similar here )


What are your preferred lengths? let’s hear about it. Then again, not everyone wears skirts. some people prefer dresses… Let me know.

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  1. I can relate to this post so much. The funny thing is that I’m lowkey Neal It of slim girls because most of the time even if the skirt is short, it doesn’t get too obvious. But for thick/ curvy girls that’s another story for another day lol. Lovely post

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