The Cool-kid Brand | hats by Hatyard Nig

Hello Lovelies
I do hope everyone is having a great week. Lately, I’ve been genuinely stressed, inwardly. I cannot really even explain it, but when I do have the words to express myself adequately with, I’ll let it out.
Last time I did a Proudly-Naija post was on the most beautiful hand made bags I had ever seen in a while … you can check them out here

So today, I thought to share with you all my latest findings, something new. They are hats by Hatyard Nig, a subsidiary of Incognito Ng

hats by Hatyard Ng.
They are so beautiful. The complete simplicity in design is definitely amazing .  I cant just stop staring at them … literally.

They come usually quite plain(which is a good thing), easy to rock and classy.  I love how they incorporate fun tags and messages on them, which I guess help customers decide better on which hat to purchase.  So it’s not just about getting a hat, it’s  more of getting a hat that describes you as a person, or has a message that you like.

This is legit the hat brand for every cool kid!!

 hats by Hatyard Ng.

The hats are produced using cotton and the various designs are embroided on the hats.
All hats are sold at N5000 strictly on  pre-order and pre-payment.  The Hatyard hats are delivered nationwide  as delivery rates may also differ.
hats by Hatyard Ng.
hats by Hatyard Ng. hats by Hatyard Ng.
For more enquiries :
Instagram: @HatyardNig 
Twitter: @HatyardNig
Facebook: @HatyardNig

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