Picking the Right Skirt for Your Body Shape

Shopping can be fun. Yes, we ladies do enjoy shopping, but buying the right kind of skirt for your body type can be pretty confusing and hectic, except you just generally have a good eye for fashion.

There are so many skirts out there, but you have to be able to tell which suites your body best.

Instead  of  just buying any random skirt, it’s time to buy the right one. The Perfect One. 

From  minis and bodycon pencil skirts to sweeping midis and ball skirts, there’s a whole wide world of skirts out there. But which one looks best on your body shape?

I’ve got the answers to guide you.

1. Identify the different types of skirts available

  • A-Line Skirts :  these skirts  fit tightly at the waist, emphasizing hips and thighs but further down they flare, just like the shape of a letter ‘A’. It draws attention to the hips because of the fitting and therefore is very popular amongst curvier women.

    a line skirt
    similar here 
  • Layered skirt – They are deemed ‘layered’ when there is an additional layer of fabric that sits above the main body of the skirt. This adds a voluminous effect so it is only suitable for those women with a thinner frame.layered skirt7
  • Tulip skirt – Overlapping pieces of fabric like the petals of a tulip form this style of skirt. Length is usually to the knee or longer, but not below mid-calf. These type of skirts give a slim effect and can be worn by everyone. tulip
  • Draped skirt – The draped skirt can be worn by all women, as the fabric made for this dress has a slimming effect.


  • Circular skirt – The reason that this style is named thus isbecause the hemline creates a perfect circle. If you’re thinner, go for shorter length and curvier women may want to consider a longer length because of the volume.circular
  • Wrap skirt – This type of skirt is primarily just a rectangular piece of fabric, which you wrap around your waist. Wraps are suitable for both thinner and curvier women because the fabric is looser.


  • Pencil skirt – These are fitted down to the knee. What differs between the Tube and the pencil skirts is that the former run down to the ankles.


  • Straight skirts – Whereas A-line skirts expanded from waist to hemline, Straight skirts maintain the same width from the waistline all the way down to the hem.


  • Gypsy skirts – Fitted in an A-Line style around the waist, but the length extends to the ankle. Additional paneling or crinkling should be avoided around the hip area for pear shaped women, as it can draw attention to that area of the body very easily.


2. Select a skirt according to your body type/figure/shape

different body types and shapes


So the first thing you need to know, is there are body shapes…. and everyone should fall into at least one type.

  • The triangle shape: if you do fall into this category, then you have a smaller upper body and larger lower body.  you are sort of a kylie jenner 

IMG_1049skirts for pear shapes

  • Inverted triangle shape : basically, if you fall into this body type, then you probably have a larger upper body and a smaller lower body. It’s generally advised that you  wear more lose skirts and just be happy with yourself. Anything lose and not too tight is a good start at being fashionable with your body.

inverted body type.skirts for inverted body types

  • The circle shape: If you are in this category then you are thick and should consider wearing straight skirts to give your legs length. The best length for the skirt tends to be between mid-thigh and above the knee. A belt in the same color as the skirt can visually shorten the upper body.

circle body shape apple shape skirts

  • The double triangle shape AKA hour-glass : yas! well if this happens to be your category, the girl, anything goes. You have the body, flaunt it and be happy .IMG_1051skirts for hour glass
  • The rectangle shape: If you are in this category, then you generally want to wear free and flowy skirts, to get the best look.


3. Understanding  the importance of hem length.

Hem lengths change constantly, but it’s important to stick with the length that flatters you most. The best way to find this out is to check out the skirts in your wardrobe that you feel best in (or try a few lengths on at the store). Note where the hem falls. InStyle suggests that this will often be on the leanest part of your legs, which is usually mid-thigh or just above the knee.Find up to three lengths that flatter you best and aim to keep with those when shopping for skirts. You can do this with ease provided you are honest with yourself about those dowdy skirts you’ve been hanging on to for too long; we’re all born fashion-conscious, sometimes it just needs reawakening!


REMEMBER: every body type and shape is beautiful and sexy in its own way.


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