Dior Files Suit Against “Network” of Counterfeit Sellers

Christian Dior is going after a possible network of Chinese counterfeiters and wants millions in damages. The luxury fashion house filed suit in Illinois late last week against a host of web sites based in China that allegedly peddle an array of knock-off merchandise, from apparel to jewelry, using.

According to the complaint  filed last week,  Dior alleges that the defendants “unlawfully used its registered trademarks in connection with the advertisement, distribution, and sale of infringing and counterfeiting Dior products, which caused confusion among customers and irreparably harmed Christian Dior.”

The brand alleges that the “defendants facilitate sales by designing the defendant Internet stores so that they appear to unknowing consumers to be authorized online retailers, outlet stores or wholesalers.”

Asides requesting that the court immediately and permanently bar the defendants from using its trademarks and from partaking in the sale of counterfeit goods, Dior is seeking up $2 million for “each counterfeit trademark used and product sold,” in accordance with the Lanham Act (the federal law governing trademark rights and infringement), and $100,000 for each cyber-squatted domain.










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