Jimmy Choo up for Sale Following Dispute with Co-Founders


Following several years of strife between Jimmy Choo’s co-founder Choo and designer Tamara Mellon, who together, collaborated to start the label in 1996, Jimmy Choo is seeking offers for the company as part of a review of its strategic options to maximize shareholder value. JAB Luxury holds 67.7 percent of Jimmy Choo

             Jimmy Choo is a British brand, which specializes in footwear and accessories.


Reports say that it had discussed the strategic review process with its majority shareholder, JAB Luxury, which has confirmed it is supportive of the process.

Mellon, its co-founder who departed from Choo in 2012 with an estimated $135 million after a strained relationship with partner Jimmy Choo, is alleging that her former company is using underhanded business tactics to spike her new eponymous label’s (the Tamara Mellon Label) success. Mellon founded the shoe brand in the mid-1990s with its namesake before leaving in 2011.


According to Mellon’s complaint, in a suit she filed in September 2016 in New York state court,  an array of shoemakers refused to do business with her by way of her new company as a result of Choo allegedly blocking her from working with luxury shoemakers in Florence, Italy. Jimmy Choo’s pressure on suppliers has been “extremely serious” for Mellon, and as a result, the company was unable to secure production from the suppliers, and a number of Mellon’s pre-existing relationships have been terminated by those suppliers, according to the complaint. Mellon further claims that the boycott caused Tamara Mellon Brand LLC to file for bankruptcy in December 2015, costing her millions of dollars. Mellon claims Jimmy Choo sought to punish her when it learned she was about to start a new brand and publish a memoir.

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