The Ultimate Sleeve Vocabulary

        A sleeve is the part of a garment that covers the arm, or through which the arm                                                                passes or slips. 

Our closets, include a lot of different garments, e.g. shirts, tops, skirts, jackets, coats etc. with different kinds of sleeves. Very often, we forget that these sections of our garments are equally important to the general look of the garment.

There are different types and lengths of sleeves and we should be able to know these different types and ultimately be able to identify them, when we do see them. Because the fashion of sleeves come and go, one moment a particular sleeve may be in fashion but then they disappear completely for decades to resurface later and become a rage again, we shall be sharing with you some top sleeve types and basically how to effectively identify them.

Shirt Sleeve; this sleeve type is long and closed on the wrist by a cuff with buttons.  Shirt sleeves can be long or short, and sometimes could include cut outs, just to infuse some fun into the design.

type of sleeves www.rigaonlinne.comtype of sleeves

Bell Sleeve; this is a set in sleeve that is smooth at the armhole and flared at the hem edge.

type of sleeves www.rigaonlinne.comtype of sleeves

Batwing Sleeve; this is a type of long sleeve with deep armhole almost to the wrist and extending to the wrist. It is sometimes cut in one with garment or may be a separate sleeve.

Batwing Sleevetype of sleeves

Puffed Sleeve; this type of sleeve gathers at armhole, lower edge or both. It is also sometimes called a puff sleeve.

type of sleeves www.rigaonlinne.comPuffed Sleeve

Petal Sleeve;   this is a sleeve with overlap outer arm. It is sometimes called a lapped sleeve.

Petal Sleeve2Petal Sleeve

French Sleeve; this sleeve usually has a wide cuff which turns back and is fastened with a cuff link through all layers.

French Sleeve

Circular Sleeve; this sleeve is usually short and flattering, which extends out from smooth cap at armhole.

Circular Sleeve2type of sleeves

Drop Shoulder Sleeve; this particular sleeve type is attached to an armhole shaped to extend wider than the natural shoulder.

type of sleeves

Button- Tab Shoulder; this is a long roll-up sleeve with a button-tab sewn above the elbow. The sleeve is rolled up and fastened by the tab with a button.

Button- Tab Shoulder1type of sleeves

Lantern Sleeve; this sleeve is made with cross wide design, which seems to give it more width.

Lantern SleeveLantern Sleeve1

Roll-up Sleeve; this type is straight short or elbowed length sleeve designed to be rolled or folded up from a cuff.

type of sleeves www.rigaonlinne.comtype of sleeves

Cowl Sleeve; this is a short and generally loose sleeve with draping design around the arm.

type of sleeves www.rigaonlinne.comtype of sleeves

Butterfly Sleeve;   this is a set-in sleeve that is smooth at the armhole and widely flared at the hem edge (elbow length or longer).

type of sleeves www.rigaonlinne.comtype of sleeves

Leg-of-Mutton Sleeve; the leg-of-mutton sleeve is constructed in a way that the top part gathers into the armhole. The fabric then tapers gradually to tuck in closely at the wrist, which gives the sleeve the particular outline.

Leg-of-Mutton Sleevetype of sleeves

Juliet Sleeve;  this is basically a long sleeve with a puff at the top,  inspired by fashion of the Italian Renaissance and named after Shakespeare’s tragic heroine.

Juliet SleeveJuliet Sleeve2

Peasant Sleeve; this is a wide raglan sleeve with gathers at the neckline and lower edge. These gathers may be controlled by means of a drawstring or elastic.

type of sleeves www.rigaonlinne.comPeasant Sleeve2

Marie Sleeve; this is a full “panned” or “pansied” sleeve gathered into two or more puffs, using a ribbon or fabric band above the elbow, mostly worn in the 1620s and 1630s.

type of sleeves www.rigaonlinne.comtype of sleeves

Kimono Sleeve; this type of sleeve may be cut in one with the front and back of the garment or maybe attached to the front and back with a vertical seam.

Kimono SleeveKimono Sleeve1

Cape Sleeve; cape sleeves are wide sleeves which have draped fabrics over the arm, creating a more dramatic effect for the shirt or dress.

Cape SleeveCape Sleeve1

Layered Sleeve; this type of sleeve is a wide sleeve that consists of multiple circular layers of fabric overlapping.

type of sleeves www.rigaonlinne.comLayered Sleeve1

Bracelet Sleeve; this is a basic three quarter length sleeve.

type of sleeves www.rigaonlinne.comBracelet Sleeve1

Poet Sleeve; a long sleeve fitted from shoulder to elbow and then flared from elbow to the wrist. It can also include ruffles and cuffs.

Poet SleevePoet Sleeve1

Raglan Sleeve; this sleeve type is joined by a diagonal sea, that extends from the underarm to the neckline. It may also have a dart to shape the shoulder or may have an additional seam along the outside of the arm

Raglan Sleevetype of sleeves

Bishop Sleeve; this is a long full set-in sleeve with fullness held at the wrist by a cuff. It may be gathered also at the cap.

 type of sleeves www.rigaonlinne.comBishop Sleeve1

type of sleeves

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