The Love Affair between Fishnet Stockings and Jeans | TREND ALERT

As we say goodbye to the trend of choker necklaces, we say hello to fishnet stockings. No, they aren’t actually for fishing (I thought they could be used for that too…lol). They are basically the regular stockings but with Lacey cut outs.

They are very pretty to be honest, but I’ve had a hard time getting them on in the past, because of my long nails. They can like to just get a tear even before the day runs out. This latest craze has in fact been endorsed by some key celebrities, hence I guess that’s enough reason for us to indulge in it a bit..

Kendall Jenner gave it the stamp of approval, as did her Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khloe, and Kylie Jenner, of course!

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Asides wearing your fishnet stockings underneath a pair of jeans you could also try them with skirts and dresses. They look so pretty that way too.

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This latest trend has been seeing everywhere lately & celebrities tend to love the edgy look! It sure reminds me of elementary school and the compulsory routine of wearing socks underneath one’s uniform. Would you guys try this cool look?

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