#ProductReview: Primark’s Cheaper Version of Prada’s £470 Mules

If you are running an account similar to my kind of account which caters for my student needs, tuition(sent from my parents), basic female needs and my foodie life, then you must be aware that the Prada’s £470 Mules, weren’t even made for us in the first place. At least, not at this stage in our lives.  I mean, everything has got to be on a budget….It’s just the way it is right now.

                           WE SHALL BLOW SOON O..lol

To be honest tho, Primark has been impressing us left, right and centre so far this year.

first, came the launch of the  Chip purses which sold out so quickly, they were being re-sold on eBay for more than four-times the price. chip purses -www.rigaonlinne.comThen came the launch of the Aristocat slippers that we are completely grateful for. Now, they are literally blowing away minds with the release of their Prada Mule’s duplicate, which normally go for £470 but will be £8 with Primark!!

I am aware of what the exchange rate is, and I am certain that if I have to buy any, it’ll be the Primark Mules.  The amazing plus, is that you cannot even tell the difference really. Both designs are alike.  No one is really going to know where you get yours from. The secret is  really between you and your closet.

Here are what the Prada Mule’s look like 

Here are what the Primark Mule’s look like

primark mule-www.rigaonlinne.com

There’s really no difference, except the name of the Company.www.rigaonlinne.com

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