Kendall Jenner for Vogue India’s 10th Anniversary Edition| Vogue India’s Respond to the Backlash

Vogue India has been blasted online for its decision to feature Jenner, a white American, instead of an Indian model on the cover of its 10th anniversary issue. Barely a month after her very controversial commercial with Pepsi, Kendall Jenner is back n the news again.

Now although the photographs aren’t bad, a lot of people have concluded that the idea of using a white young lady to celebrate Vogue India’s Anniversary in a country where a lot of girls would rather have someone who’s is more of a role model was just wrong. Some Indians, have clearly stated their dislike for the cover, saying that it was an insulting reminder of the country’s obsession with whitening creams and light skin…

3 days ago, Vogue India responds to the backlash this publication has been casuing around the web…

Clearly, this still hasn’t calmed the public in any way, as individuals are still taking to social media to share their thought regarding this anniversary edition and the models they would have preferred seeing on the cover.

Below are the photographs from Kendall’s shoot..

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