Wedding Guest Vibes in My Yellow Gele


Hey Lovelies, because it has been a while since I shared some of my personal style on here, hence today I thought to share with you guys photographs for a shoot I had some weeks ago.                  


                         It’s been long over due.  

I am by choice and level of boredom, a wedding “crasher”. On weekends when I’m free, I like to dress up and attend weddings. All  i’ll really need is some info and I’m on the phone asking my friends to come along.  I just love the idea of a wedding ceremony. 😦  Weddings are just so beautiful, and love-able and romantic. I CANNOT WAIT FOR MINE!! my girls and I are going to turn up!!!


This happened on a very lovely Saturday afternoon, with a lot of sun. OMG, I felt it burning through skin, literally.

Scarlet for

On the bright side, the team I worked with on this shoot were so much fun.  Shery(@classysheri) the makeup artist was so much of a darling. She constantly asked if I was okay or needed anything. She apologized for everything, I mean even the heat; she was just so sweet to me.

Faruk (@faruk_tahir_photography) was also so kind to me, it was really just so much fun.

dress – from my closet

gele , jewellry & makeup –  Shery(@classysheri)

photography – Faruk (@faruk_tahir_photography)

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