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Adesua Etomi’s Style | the big Engagement to Banky W

In the early hours of Wednesday May 3, 2017, Adesua Etomi announced her engagement to Nigerian artist and her co-star in the Wedding Party, Banky W.
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Jimmy Choo up for Sale Following Dispute with Co-Founders

Mellon, its co-founder who departed from Choo in 2012 with an estimated $135 million after a strained relationship with partner Jimmy Choo, is alleging that her former company is using underhanded business tactics to spike her new eponymous label’s (the Tamara Mellon Label) success.

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The True Easter Spirit| a look into the Life and Works of Bola Adeleye

Bola Adeleye popularly known as Bibee, organized campaigns to create HIV Aids awareness, and has also organized summits for youths where they acquire the basic knowledge on the prevention of HIV. She has in the past shared her vast knowledge with the youths

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Styling the Little Black Dress

Easter, which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, is Christianity’s most important holiday. A couple of times, I've been asked wether for sure these dates that we celebrate are really the dates in which the events took place in history. And as always, my reply is that "they are days that we mark these… Continue reading Styling the Little Black Dress

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The Cool-kid Brand | hats by Hatyard Nig

I love how they incorporate fun tags and messages on them, which I guess help customers decide better on which hat to purchase. So it's not just about getting a hat, it's more of getting a hat that describes you as a person, or has a message that you like. This is legit the hat brand for every cool kid!!
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The preferred skirt length in my Nigerian house

                                                                                                             … Continue reading The preferred skirt length in my Nigerian house